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5 Tips to Help Make Your Home Holiday Ready

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

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Vancouver Cleaners

1. Declutter before you Deck the Halls

If you can hardly step through the front door without falling over piled up boots, shoes, toys, abandoned dog toys - and face it - who doesn’t at times - now’s a good time to declutter. Take a big laundry basket, sort items to be put back in their proper home, weed out others you don’t need or use and put them in a box to be donated or if they’re past their useful life, let them go to the garbage or recycling.

2. Bring us a Figgy Pudding

Before you head out to Costco to stock up on groceries for the holidays, start with a trip to the fridge. Be ruthless - now’s the time to lose that chimichurri sauce that’s been hiding so long it has taken up permanent residence, or the moldy veggies that make you feel badly about eating that frozen pizza instead of cooking them. You’ll be surprised at how much space you have when you clear out outdated food you were never going to eat anyway.

3. Light up the holidays

Twinkling candles are great but if Fido is given to sweeping things off the coffee table or you have little ones who might play with fire, consider battery-operated candles - now in a greater selection, more authentic looking and in a range of prices from basic to deluxe.

4. Chestnuts roasting on the open fire

Or a turkey roasting in the oven, vegetables all prepared ahead and plum pudding made a month ago with Mom’s favourite recipe. You wish. If life gets in the way and you’re panicking about how to feed your family or all the guests you invited back when cooking Christmas dinner seemed so far ahead - relax. There is a growing number of services that deliver delicious Christmas dinners to you. In Vancouver, check out a range of offerings from the relatively $169 budget version Turducken dinner with stuffing and gravy from Juke Fried Chicken, home of gluten-free fried chicken and ribs, for a dinner that will feed six to eight people, to a feast from the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver at $399 for six to eight people.

5. Save the date

Check your calendar and plan for a pre-party cleaning or post-party cleanup. We specialize in home cleaning in Vancouver and we’re here to help. If you need to change your regular cleaning day, schedule extra times or book a one-time clean to get ready for holiday guests, check Tidy Vancouver’s online booking site here.


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