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How Tidying Up Can Sell Your Home 90% Faster

So, you’re selling your home in Vancouver. And if you’ve put your home on the market than you’re likely ready to sell quickly and for the highest price possible, right? After all, selling a home can be a stressful process that everyone wants to end swiftly and with a bit more money in their pockets than expected.

Perhaps you’ve hired that shark of a real estate agent, paid for those immaculate professional photos, tirelessly researched the competition in your neighborhood, and are now sitting and waiting for the perfect buyer to waltz through your door. But there may be something you haven’t thought of.

How clean and tidy is your home? With all those muddy feet walking through your latest open house, when was the last time you had your wood floors mopped? Can you see the grime on the grout of the shower from the last time you gave the family dog a scrub down? Do you have to do a “spit and shine” just to see the beautiful view through your master bedroom window?

Believe it or not, these little details could prevent your home from selling fast, and for the highest price possible.

Yes, a clean and tidy home is part of home “staging.”

If you’re deep in the process of selling your home or interviewing real estate agents, you’ve probably heard the word “staging.” The first thing that likely comes to mind when you hear this word is some interior designer coming into your home, taking down all your family photos and filling the space with high end furniture. But home staging is so much more than that, and an important part of it is the order and cleanliness of your home.

Statistics show you’ll sell your home faster.

According to the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA®) and its annual home staging statistics report, a property that is not staged stays on the market for at least 26 weeks (more than six months)! After staging, these properties sold in an average of 41 days. A big difference, eh?

If we dive even deeper, homes that were staged before they even hit the market sold in an average of 23 days, which means homes that are presented properly before they are even placed on the market sell 90 percent faster than homes that are listed “as is.”

Let’s do the math.

When people are considering having their homes professionally cleaned, or any other type of staging activity to prepare a house for sale, the first hesitation is cost. How much does it cost to have my home professionally cleaned and staged? But the better question is – how much will it cost me if I don’t have my home professionally cleaned and staged?

We’ll provide an example. Let’s say your mortgage is $2,400 per month and your other expenses like electricity, gas, pest control, lawn maintenance, etc. are $1,000 per month. Your carrying costs for every month your home stays on the market is a whopping $3,400.

Now, let’s look at the statistics. If we rely on the data we have around selling a clean and tidy staged home versus an “as is” property, you will save a total of $23,800 by investing a little money in preparing your property for sale before it goes on the market. I’d say that’s worth a small investment to tidy up your property, wouldn’t you?

It’s a small investment with a big return.

Selling your home in Vancouver fast and for the highest price possible is not a feat to be taken lightly; however, a small investment at the onset can mean big returns in the long run. When you look at the facts and numbers, you may not be able to afford to not invest in a thorough home cleaning and tidying prior to putting your home on the market.

The team at Tidy Vancouver understands that selling your home fast can be overwhelming and stressful, so they’ve taken the anxiety out of home tidying. With a team that focuses on timeliness, security, green cleaning, and most importantly, perfectly clean and tidy homes, you’ll be well on your way to a successful home sale in no time.

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